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Anchor works with owners and investors in valuations, dispositions, and acquisitions of individual and portfolio properties nationally.  No matter your investment needs, we give you the expertise and support you need.  Come to us for any of your real estate investment needs.


60 West Main Street
OH 43945

Dollar Tree & Hibbett Sports

Dollar Tree & Hibbett Sports

2890-2892 East 116th St
Cleveland, OH 44120


2288 East 55TH Street
OH 44103

5030 State Rd Conneaut, OH 44030

5030 State Rd
OH 44030

Dollar General 113 N Market St. East Palestine, OH 44413

Dollar General113 N Market St.
East Palestine,
OH 44413

Dollar General 113 N Market St. East Palestine, OH 44413

Dollar General

113 N Market St.
East Palestine, OH 44413

128 N Chestnut Street Ravenna, OH 44266

128 N Chestnut Street
OH 44266

Dollar Tree & Hibbett Sports
5030 State Rd Conneaut, OH 44030
Dollar General  113 N Market St. East Palestine, OH 44413
Dollar General  113 N Market St. East Palestine, OH 44413
128 N Chestnut Street Ravenna, OH 44266
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At Anchor Retail, we focus on the client and make it personal.  We visit every property we work on and believe in long-term relationships built on track-record, research, and trust.  We provide a bespoke approach relative to your investment needs and risk profile whether you are looking to deploy $2MM or $200MM.

Our Investment Approach

At Anchor, we adopt a comprehensive and strategic approach to investment. We thoroughly analyze market trends, consumer behavior, and economic indicators to identify promising opportunities. Our team of seasoned professionals conducts rigorous due diligence to assess the viability and profitability of each investment.

For investment property dispositions, our services include:

Strategic Objective Insights

Portfolio and LL evaluations to understand the client’s strategic short and long term objectives

Current Condition Analysis

Identification of current conditions on national and property levels

Market Debt Analysis

Portfolio and LL evaluations to understand the client’s strategic short and long term objectives

Targeted Audience Expansion

Strategic marketing initiatives to reach the largest and most importantly qualified audience possible

Regular status reports

Regular status reports provide timely updates and insights on project progress, enabling effective communication and informed decision-making

Investment Sales

With a dedication to expertise, we strive to establish ourselves as industry leaders. Commencing with an individual inspection of each listed property, our unwavering commitment to your investment endures throughout the entire process.

Representation for Buyers

When searching for a purchase, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable professional familiar with your desired locations. Our team possesses the expertise and resources necessary to help you discover the investment you desire.

Leaseback Transaction

Enhance your company’s agility while retaining long-term operational control of the property. Liberate the capital entangled in your real estate to reduce debt, fuel growth, or support essential business activities.

1031 Exchange

Inquire about the potential benefits of our equity investment services for your business and learn how they can support your current needs.

Portfolio Management

Your investment journey extends beyond mere buying and selling. We go the extra mile by thoroughly analyzing all available options to fortify your portfolio and maximize its potential.

Finance & Refinance

Enhance your returns through strategic leverage. By utilizing additional debt, you can boost your cash flow and expand your opportunities when seeking new investment properties.

Our Culture Mission Statement – Relationships over Transactions

At our company, our Culture Mission Statement is centered around prioritizing relationships over transactions. We believe in fostering meaningful connections and long-term partnerships with our clients. By placing emphasis on building strong relationships, we create a foundation of trust and collaboration, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and their goals are achieved.

Investment Property Types

Through our unique blend of access and expertise, we unlock superior opportunities for our clients, empowering them to optimize their returns.

Each investment property type offers distinct opportunities and advantages. Some offer consistent annual returns, while others boast higher earning potential along with increased risk. Explore the diverse property types below and discover the possibilities that await you.

Cultivate your wealth with investment properties offered by Anchor Retail.

Net Lease
Student Housing
Self Storage
Medical Office

The Industry Leader in 1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange provides a means to postpone capital gains taxes by transferring the equity gained from selling one investment property into the acquisition of another. Numerous clients choose a 1031 exchange to pursue their investment objectives, whether it involves boosting returns or minimizing management responsibilities.

1031 Exchange Transactions
1031 Exchange Transactions
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Know the Basics

Rather than immediately settling capital gains taxes upon selling a property (referred to as the “down leg”), numerous investors choose to defer such payments by utilizing the proceeds to acquire a new property (known as the “up leg”). This practice, commonly known as a 1031 exchange, is defined under a specific section of the U.S. tax code. Given the specific rules and timelines associated with a 1031 exchange, it is crucial to rely on an experienced and knowledgeable specialist to oversee the process.

The materials and resources provided on this website have been secured from sources Marcus & Millichap believes to be reliable, but Anchor Retail makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information. This website is intended to be used for informational and illustrative purposes only and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied upon for, investment, accounting, legal, or tax advice. Anchor Retail and its affiliates, brokers, agents, and capital markets advisors cannot and will not provide any such advice relating to a 1031 exchange. You are admonished to consult with an expert when doing a 1031 exchange. You should not rely upon any of the materials and resources provided on this website for individual investment analysis and decisions. Always seek advice from the appropriate professionals before making any investment decision.

Is an Exchange Right for You?

Although a 1031 exchange proves to be a suitable choice for numerous investors, it is vital to acknowledge the multitude of rules and deadlines linked to this process and collaborate with experienced specialists. Our team of highly trained advisors brings years of expertise to each transaction, ensuring flawless execution of your 1031 exchange.

A 1031 Exchange does not limit you to an "all or nothing" approach. As a property seller, you have the flexibility to decide whether to pay taxes, explore your own real estate options, and/or utilize a DST (Delaware Statutory Trust) in a combination that suits your preferences

Our brokers would be glad to get to know you and complete a complimentary broker opinion of value (BOV).

Please contact us via email or phone.