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June 26, 2019

The Power of Five – June 2019


In an increasingly interconnected world, Anchor Cleveland meets with developers, landlords, leasing agents, bankers, attorneys, lenders and other influencers who generously give their time to discuss their properties, businesses, and future opportunities with us at our weekly meetings.

At our recent team meeting, Anchor hosted Mark and Kelly Jablonski, President and CFO of Centermark Development, to discuss new business and deals. Our company has utilized Centermark Development‘s expertise many times, in both urban and build-to-suit development deals, for over a decade. Centermark Development has built over a dozen Dollar Tree Stores, as well as building and redeveloping multiple shopping centers throughout Northeastern Ohio. Mark and Kelly shared their answers to ’Five Questions for Succes.” Anchor Cleveland calls this the “Power of 5.”

Mark and Kelly’s Power of Five:
1.) Hard Work
“The harder we work, the luckier we get”

2.) Learning

3.) Perspective
Don’t think about the money, it comes

4.) Passion
“You have to do what you love”

5.) Teamwork
“You have to surround yourself with a good team”

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