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September 27, 2019

Team Spotlight on Victor Kirallah


We recently sat down with our newest addition, Sales Associate, Victor Kirallah, to learn more about his experience in commercial real estate and his goals for the future. As a Sales Associate at Anchor Cleveland, Victor is an important part in leading the agency’s efforts to deliver strong, measurable results for our clients.

According to Victor, “Real Estate is fascinating from acquisition to disposition, retailing, construction and development, these functions all have an economic output. Especially construction, it’s responsible for a share of our nations GDP, That’s a big deal.”

Rocky River, OH

How long have you been in real estate?
Nine Months!

What college did you graduate from?
Cleveland State University
Monte Ahuja College of Business

What was the best learning lesson from college that you took into your professional life?
College teaches you discipline and consistency –  learning is perpetual.

What drives you?
I’m driven by self-improvement, Knowing I have the opportunity each day to improve my attitude, work ethic, environment, relationships, knowledge, family and friends, it impossible not be highly driven and passionate

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